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14 weeks
Full Time

Exponential Benefits

Why Exponent:SOFTWARE is the finest way forward.

Master the fundamentals, conquer new technology

Acquire a strategic understanding of programming fundamentals for a career in sync with a constantly evolving future.

The tech-landscape is changing at every moment and it takes a dynamic and skilled developer to stay ahead of the game.

Exponent:SOFTWARE imparts a strategic understanding of programming fundamentals, making you a master of new languages, libraries and frameworks that syncs your career with the future.

The program enables accelerated learning by going beyond the curriculum to explore new technology with a syllabus that focuses on semantics over syntax

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Start thinking like a Software Developer

Go beyond basic coding and heighten your aptitude with programmatic and computational thinking

To thrive as a thought leader in the field of technology and development, having the evolved mindset of a web developer is of paramount importance.

Exponent:SOFTWARE goes beyond basic coding and heightens your aptitude with programmatic and computational thinking to help you learn how to build, design, deploy and scale software products successfully.

Our product oriented practical learning, coupled with insights from industry leaders will you fortify the web developer mindset, right from day one

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Your new mentors are industry leaders

Immerse yourself in the world of computer programming, enriched with significant insights from industry veterans.

Exponent:SOFTWARE was built by pillars of the industry to ensure future developers are guided by the best in the business to propel unmatched success stories.

It enables you to immerse yourself in the world of web development, enriched with significant insights from industry veterans in person, as part of your everyday curriculum.

Featuring thought leaders in the tech space as faculty and facilitators, Exponent:SOFTWARE opens the doors to one-on-one interactions, live projects and case studies from leading tech. companies.

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Accelerate a career steeped in success

Acquire in-demand skills to open up opportunities at top tech companies and supercharge your career growth.

Exponent:SOFTWARE inspires students to grow into indispensable, exponential parts of the companies they join, transitioning into leadership roles quicker unlike regular blue collar coders

You will acquire in-demand skills to open up opportunities at top tech companies and accelerate your career growth with every passing day.

We go beyond equipping you with cutting-edge skills by introducing you to the various platforms, tools, practices and languages used by industry leaders across the globe

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Nurturing exponential thinkers, doers and makers

Gain knowledge of exceptional value and become a moonshot thinker, exponential in outlook and output..

Exponent:SOFTWARE aims at starting a revolution that will supercharge India’s programming potential to build world-class products invigorated with cutting edge design.

We believe in imparting knowledge of exceptional value and aims to create moonshot thinkers, exponential in outlook and output.

On completing the Exponent:SOFTWARE program, students will be able to use superior methodologies, tools and systems to build products beyond the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

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Build a network of like-minded achievers

Grow exponentially with a network of highly capable web developers that include peers, faculty members and industry leaders.

Great careers are backed by great networks. Kick-starting your career with a network like SOAL's enables you to touch the sky at every step.

Through the 14 weeks of TEP, students will build a lifetime network of highly capable web developers that include peers and faculty member.

All students attending Exponent:SOFTWARE are filtered by industry thought leaders who take sessions at SOAL, forming a close-knit community.

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Enjoy comprehensive choice while picking specialisations.

Structure the program to suit your specific interests and propel growth on a career path of your choosing.

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Thought leaders guiding Exponent:SOFTWARE

Continuous feedback and insights from our Catalysts helps Exponent:SOFTWARE remain updated and aligned with industry ecosystem

Pradeep Desu

"Exponent:SOFTWARE maintains a consistent alignment with industry requirements by keeping education sharp, focused and relevant."

Shreyas Srinivasan

"The modular, just-in-time nature of Exponent:SOFTWARE gives all its participants a lifelong edge - staying future-ready at every step."

Sherif Abushadi

"The program stands a class apart, with individualization of the learning journey at its core. From executors to makers, from makers to creators, Exponent:SOFTWARE is positively transformational at every level!"

Kaustubh Vartak

"TEP’s method of inspired teaching equips students to be better learners at every stage of their career ascent."

Avinash Jhangiani

"With the coming revolution from exponential technologies, technology professionals need to rapidly upskill in order to not only stay relevant but also to innovate with a strong purpose."

Pradeep Desu

Varun Vohra

Pranav Naik

Victor Buzzegoli

Avinash Jhangiani

Sherif Abushadi

Kaustubh Vartak

Aditya Sengupta

Shreyas Srinivasan

Nilesh Sangoi

Ankush Manchanda

Srinivas Kollipara

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Get a detailed overview of Exponent:SOFTWARE

Core Elements

What sets Exponent:SOFTWARE apart?


A powerful tool to amplify your ability to learn

Focused Curriculum

A comprehensive, in-demand tech syllabus handpicked by industry experts.

Fluid classrooms

Engaging interactive sessions that go beyond the walls of a classroom to form a distinctively fulfilling learning experience.

Immersive Experience

A new outlook towards offline learning that transforms knowledge consumption into a highly accelerated and immersive experience.

Learning by building

Dive straight into product oriented learning and learn how to build programs akin to Twitter, Slack and Facebook.

Firsthand Learning

Acquire real-time practical knowledge working on live projects from companies and learning from their case studies.

Career Backing

Secure the best career opportunities before the program ends as Exponent:SOFTWARE student is supported with Placement Cell Services.

Exceptional Faculty

A distinguished and highly capable faculty that includes esteemed academics and established thought leaders in the tech world.


Our proprietary module to enthuse lifelong learning

When it comes to learning, gaining subject knowledge can only open your mind to the world’s pre-existing ideas and proven theories. Meta-learning takes you beyond and opens your mind to the future. It is a tool that heightens your consciousness, sharpens your thinking and helps you grasp and learn concepts that are yet to be explored to mould a brighter future.

We help you build this by working with you on 5 aspects:

Self Actualisation

A thought-restructuring program that shows you how to put you technical knowledge to highly rewarding practical use by changing the way you think.

Superior Cognition

A program that can boost your thinking prowess and efficiency manifold, unleashed by multiple sensory experiences and brain hacks.

Relearning Learning

Accelerate the process of consuming knowledge and become extremely adaptive and receptive in any new environment.

Social Aptitude

Become a master at managing social interactions to maximize cross function. This program will help defining roles and responsibilities to heighten your position as a leader in most social contexts.

Emotional Advantage

This program helps you master your emotions to go from strength to strength professionally. This aids you in conquering all professional heights with absolute emotional stability.

Target Scholars

Who is Exponent:SOFTWARE for?


Fresh Graduates

Stay miles ahead of the WebDev curve

Get on a fast track to making cutting edge applications and software. Realise your potential by jumping from beginner basics to advanced development within weeks. If you’re new to the tech world, this is your gateway to switch to the other side.


Tech. Freshers

Make up for lost time with accelerated learning

With Exponent:SOFTWARE you will build a practical approach to software design and development. Cover up for everything that lies between your traditional computer science degree and the real world requirements of web development


Inspired Entrepreneurs

Convert your big ideas into success stories

Exponent:SOFTWARE helps you understand the process of building, scaling and maintaining a software product. Make your next big tech idea come to reality


Spirited Freelancers

Explore endless possibilities with a fortified portfolio

Software freelancing is one of the fastest growing market. Exponent:SOFTWARE will build these dvelopment skills to expand your work portfolio and offering.


Gifted Developers

Give your tech. career an exponential boost

Learn modern frameworks that are being used for software craftsmanship today. Upskill from what you already know and make yourself future ready by working on the technology platforms of tomorrow

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Get a detailed overview of Exponent:SOFTWARE

Be Relevant

Learn industry demanded tools and technologies

Modern Technologies

Platforms and frameworks that are used by world leaders in technology.

High Paying Career

Web Developers are some of the most sought individuals today.

Salary ranges for Entry level Web Developer roles across Tech. Companies in India. DataSource

The Exponent:SOFTWARE Campus

Grow at a campus that is also the fastest growing tech hub in India: T-Hub, Hyderabad
SOAL’s Exponent:SOFTWARE will have its first campus at T-Hub, Hyderabad, at the bustling intersection of the start-up, academic, corporate, research and government sector.

T-Hub is a unique initiative by IIIT, ISB, NALSAR and the Government of Telangana to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in India.

Be inspired, rubbing shoulders with 200 of most promising startups in the subcontinent

Be an integral part of India’s fastest growing startup engine

Gain a networking edge with access to forerunners of the industry

The Experience

A sneak peek at life during Exponent:SOFTWARE

Course Overview

All you will learn at TEP

Core Phase

4 Weeks

Build the fundamentals of web development as you learn FullStack Javascript

Focus Phase: Choose one of the 3 paths

8 weeks

Deep dive into and gain proficiency in technologies that define modern FrontEnd development

8 weeks

Gain expertise in server side programming and technology that define BackEnd Development

8 weeks

Get an overview of both, frontend and backend programming, to kickstart your career as a FullStack developer

Career Phase

2 weeks

Work with out Career Advancement Team to help prepare yourself for your career as a web developer

A day at TEP

Each day, a unique experience


Introductory sessions to tech concepts. These sessions are a mix of code alongs, group talks and presentations among others. Post the group sessions, you start pair programming with your partner.


Energise yourselves at our lunches. Grab a quick bite, stretch out a little, play a game of Catan and make the most of this new bunch of crazies you have just met.


Get back to programming with your pair. Some days will have sessions by our Catalysts. These sessions will not only deepen your understanding but also give you a sneak peak into what being a web developer, today, entails.


Enrich your thinking with our Meta-LearningTM sessions. You will be introduced to concepts that are sure to open your mind to new perspectives each time. Meta-LearningTM will be delivered in groups and multiple non-conventional formats.

Late Evening

Finalise your work and get onto sharing feedback with your peer group. Give yourself an overview of what you have learned in the day and read up for next morning's session.

After Hours

Our campus is open 24 hours, everyday. Although officially, the day ends at sundown, we encourage learners to stay back, deep dive into their code, help others or just make merry with their cohort and over 100 startups that work from T-Hub.

Curriculum Roadmap

A roadmap to being a successful Web Developer

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Get a detailed overview of Exponent:SOFTWARE