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Exponent:SOFTWARE Admissions

Who is Exponent:SOFTWARE for?

Who can apply?

Exponent:SOFTWARE requires no academic pre-requisites except for an avid passion for computer programming and the determination to dedicate considerable time and energy towards exploring the intriguing world of 1s and 0s during the length of the program.

Who would be an ideal candidate?

Exponent:SOFTWARE looks for individuals who are passionate about learning software development in a collaborative, immersive and accelerated environment. Although it's very difficult to define 'the' ideal student, some of the characteristics we look for are people who are naturally curious, seek critical feedback to improve their skills rather than deflect criticism to protect their fragile ego. They would open to having their ideas challenged, exchange knowledge with peers who have more AND LESS experience, research before asking questions and are excited by challenging tasks

Admission Process

How to apply for Exponent:SOFTWARE ?

Online Application

Our Online Application gives us a glimpse into your personality and helps us understand the way you think.


The interview leg of the admissions process helps us determine if Exponent:SOFTWARE is the right fit for you. Additionally it sheds light on how you navigate through complex problems and devise solutions.

Application Tips

Submit your best application for Exponent:SOFTWARE


Let us know who the real you is

There is no such thing as right or wrong answers when it comes to our online applications. This 45 minute application is filled with questions that are crafted to help us best understand how you approach different concepts and your problem solving capabilities. The coding section of the application will help us determine your aptitude to learn and grow in the field of software development


Be Prepared

After you receive an interview call, it would help to go through our interview prep-guide to familiarize yourself with the various aspects of the program. A basic understanding of technology and programming concepts is a definite plus.


Interview 101

Our interviews help us assess your proficiency in logic, idea communication, curiosity levels and zeal to learn in an immersive setting. The interviews are carried out by our catalysts and usually take place over the period of an hour.


Introspection and Motivation

Our program is meant to optimize your success, but you should aim to be a driving force of motivation for yourself to succeed in securing a position in the program and mastering its teachings. Ask yourself if you are willing to do all it takes and more to transform into a future ready web developer.

Important Dates

The maiden Exponent:SOFTWARE starts on 3rd January. For more details on the dates and preferences, reach out to us:

Start Date Application Deadline Location
3rd January 2018 Applications Closed T-Hub,Hyd.
27th April 2018 6th April 2018 T-Hub,Hyd.

Tuition and Financing

Fees for Exponent:SOFTWARE

Applicant Fees
Indian Passport holders ₹1,50,000*
Non-Indian Passport holders $3,000*

* There will be a levy of 18% GST on these amounts

Payment Schedule

Tranche Amount Due Date
First Tranche ₹15,000* | $300* 7 days from Acceptance
Second Tranche ₹1,35,000* | $2700* 2 weeks before the Cohort begins

* There will be a levy of 18% GST on these amounts

Financing Assistance

SOAL has partnered with HDFC Bank to provide affordable financing options with EMIs as low as ₹5,500.

HDFC Bank will provide qualified Indian students the option to pay the Second Tranche of Tuition i.e. ₹1,35,000 + GST in 36 installments of ₹5,500 each


Exponent:SOFTWARE strongly believes in leveling the playing field for all aspiring developers. That is why we have numerous merit based scholarships for deserving students with up to a 100% fee waiver in some cases. Learn more about SOAL’s scholarship programs by mailing

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the questions repeatedly asked by prospective students. In case you have a question that we haven't answered here or on the site, please do send them across to


Exponent:SOFTWARE 's is designed for those new to software development. However, before you apply, we recommend you get an overview of coding on your own to understand if that is something you would be interested in.

The earlier you apply the better. We have rolling admissions and Cohort choice is given on first-come-first serve basis. Applying early gives you the flexibility to choose your cohort. View the cohort schedule.

We can't guarantee your acceptance into Exponent:SOFTWARE , but here are some suggestions that will help you better your application:

  • Submit your written application as soon as you can. It takes about an hour and is the first step towards procuring an admission to Exponent:SOFTWARE.
  • Think through why you want to learn software development and why Exponent:SOFTWARE is the right fit for you.
  • Make sure you are fully prepared for the interview. The coding challenges typically take around 6 hours to understand. We recommend you set a deadline at least a couple of days before the interview date to help you prepare for it effectively.
  • Ask yourself if you’re ready to commit ~70 hours a week to learning programming. Exponent:SOFTWARE is an accelerated course. We work toward making you a faster learner but that is possible only if you are willing to commit wholly and deeply to it.

Upon acceptance, you will have to pay the deposit within a week. If for some reason you need to defer, you can reach out to us at

Exponent:SOFTWARE is an immersive, product- based learning experience that helps you learn the newest platforms, languages and frameworks while being in an evironment that mimics a technology workspace. Having some programming experience will just enhance this experience for you.

Yes, we do have a wait list. Once you’re accepted, you can inform us about your preference to be put on a waitlist for an earlier cohort

International students who meet Exponent:SOFTWARE ’s admission standards are eligible for admission. However, we do not offer payment plans or visa assistance.

No. You do not need a college degree. The entrance requirements for Exponent:SOFTWARE are completing our application and interview process. No prior higher education or computer programming experience is required.


Our Career phase is designed by some of the leading engineers and recruiters in India. During this phase we help you build your Portfolio, Github, LinkedIn and resume. Our Career Advancement Team will schedule and program interviews with our partner companies along with all the corporate setups that have applied to be a part of the placement process for Exponent:SOFTWARE.

The Career Phase also helps you train for the job interviews with mock interviews, whiteboarding practice and other algorithmic problem solving

Our program prepares you to get a job as a Junior Software Developer in leading technology companies. Our curriculum allows you to apply to FrontEnd Development, BackEnd Development and FullStack Development based on your path at Exponent:SOFTWARE

Depending on the path you choose in the core phase, you can apply for any role that involves working JavaScript, MEAN stack, NodeJS, React, React Native, MongoDB, Server Side programming or Electron.

In case there’s a specific role you aspire for which has a requirement beyond our curriculum, the meta-learningTM path at Exponent:SOFTWARE helps you build the skills ot learn newer technologies in an accelerated manner.

Salaries vary widely based on region, experience, and specific industry within the tech umbrella. After graduating Exponent:SOFTWARE , you will be equipped to apply for front end, back end, and full-stack Junior Developer jobs. Check out these third party crowd-sourced sites to get an estimate on junior developer salaries for people working in JavaScript, MEAN stack, NodeJS, React, React Native or Electron.


Yes, Post Exponent:SOFTWARE, companies from across the country will be a part of the placement process. Out Career Advancement Team will assist you in finding the right kind of company for you at your preferred location

One of the things we love about programming is that there are boundless sub-disciplines. Some of these include: systems architecture (designing large systems for businesses), user experience (designing software products for humans), managing cross-functional teams, designing computers, or even writing programming languages. Technology is ubiquitous, and one of the coolest things about being a programmer is that you have the liberty to decide where and how you want to apply your skills. Want to improve healthcare? Or make education more accessible? Or travel the world and work on systems for large companies? Or build infrastructure to improve lives in under-developed countries? Or a platform for artists? All of these are options.


We teach Full Stack Javascript in the Core Phase

For the Focus Phase, we teach the following:

  • FrontEnd Path: FrontEnd oriented Javascript, jQuery, Advanced CSS, React, ReactNative and Electron and other front end tools
  • BackEnd Path: NodeJS, PostgresQL, MongoDB, Docker, AmazonAWS and other server side tools
  • FullStack Path: You will learn a mix of FrontEnd and BackEnd platforms

Exponent:SOFTWARE is a 14-week program. The program is divided into 3 phases:

  • Core Phase (4 weeks): The Core phase builds your fundamentals in software development. You will learn how to build and deploy simple webapps along with the fundamentals of programming in these 4 weeks
  • Focus Phase (8 weeks): Post the CorePhase, you will have the option to choose your Path. We currently offer 3 paths in the Focus Phase:
    • FrontEnd: Deep dive into technologies that help you become a proficient FrontEnd Developer. You will learn how to build interfaces across multiple platforms like web, iOS and Android using React, ReactNative and Electron along with a deep understanding of Javascript, CSS, jQuery and AJAX.
    • BackEnd: Get a grasp on the technologies that power up various webapps. You will learn how to build scalable server side logic with NodeJS, design and scale databses with PostgresQL and MongoDB and get an overview of how to deploy apps with Docker, Heroku and AWS.
    • FullStack: Get an overview of both ForntEnd and BackEnd technologies. You will learn how to build scalable webapps with NodeJS, and also build and design interfaces with ReactJS
  • Career Phase (2 weeks): How the web works, MVC, and front-end development that includes HTML CSS and JavaScript. 60-80 hours per week.

You'll experience a variety of teaching styles at Exponent:SOFTWARE . Our instructors are all experienced software developers and will introduce concepts through lecture, live coding, lightning talks, and hands-on demonstrations. Most of your time will be spent programming in pairs, on solo projects, and in group projects. We also have mentors on-site to support your learning.

Meta-LearningTM is a proprietary learning module developed by School of Accelerated Learning. It enables individuals to become better learners and a evolved version of themselves, while doing so. Get an overview of Meta-LearningTM here

School Of Accelerated LearningTM is a certificate granting higher education institution. Graduates will receive a certificate on successful graduation from Exponent:SOFTWARE .

No, you cannot attend Exponent:SOFTWARE remotely. The onsite nature of the program grants the required and intended immersion.

Tuition and Financing

  • For Indian Passport holders: ₹1,50,000*
  • For Foreign Passport holders: $3,000*

There will be a levy of 18% GST on these amounts

We do not have a blanket refund policy. However if for some reason you need to leave Exponent:SOFTWARE midway, we can deal with this on a case to case basis.

You can refer to the payment schedule above

Yes we do offer merit based scholarship on a case to case basis. To know more write us at

Student Experience

Exponent:SOFTWARE will be conducted at T-Hub, Hyderbad. You can read more about T-Hub here

No, Exponent:SOFTWARE does not provide food or accommodation. Students are responsible for their own day-to-day meals. The campus provides for a working canteen with a kitchen and other amenities

Accommodations are students’ responsibility. There are a number of affordable housing options in Hyderabad. Post your admission, our team will also help you with resources for housing.

No. We provide computers with dual monitor pairing stations, but you are free to bring your own laptop. The workstations we provide are all Mac OS X computers and if you do bring a laptop, we recommend bringing a Mac. Windows can be used, however setting up your development environment and running certain programs may take extra time.

We regularly host events such as speakers, panel discussions, and meetups in the evenings focused on technology careers and culture. We strongly encourage students to attend, but it’s not required.

Cohort sizes vary, but we aim for no more than 25 students per cohort.

We administer assessments each phase to ensure students are on track with the curriculum. This is a highly cumulative process, so we need to make sure the foundation is strong before we add more information on top of it. These challenges are “open book.” You can look at notes, use Google, and ask instructors clarifying questions, but you have to submit your own solutions.

After submitting your code, you will receive a code review from your Educator. Our goal is make sure you understand enough material to move on to the next phase. If you don’t pass the assessment, you can repeat the Phase at no extra cost. You can repeat the Core and Focus phase one time each, and if you don’t pass the the second time, you will be asked to leave the program and will receive a partial refund.

Our instructors come from a range of backgrounds, but we look for passionate programmers who are committed to education. Many of our instructors have had over 10 years of web and software development experience before joining Exponent:SOFTWARE .They bring a thorough knowledge of the software development process and help our students understand what it's like to work on a professional engineering team. Our teachers are committed to our students' success, and all work to communicate their extensive knowledge to students in an accessible, enthusiastic way.